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Native OTP with NetScaler: Securing your Citrix Environment Overnight for FREE!


The Citrix User Group Community (CUGC) had it’s first ever User Share XL webinar event centered around the topic of Security on October 5th. I was asked to present on a topic and chose a relatively new security feature on the NetScaler called Native OTP. Essentially it’s built-in multifactor authentication (MFA) for your NetScaler. I had a great time sharing and listening to all the Security centric presentations during the event!

My presentation was called “Native OTP with NetScaler: Securing your Citrix Environment Overnight for FREE!” and I covered the basics on what it is, how it works, and how easy it is to setup. You can watch the recording and grab my slide deck at the recap link below on the CUGC website:

Other presenters during the XL event were Kurt Roemer (Citrix’s Chief Security Strategist), Remko Weijnen (CTP), Jarian Gibson (CTP), Patrick Coble (CTA), Joe Shonk (CTP), and Thorsten Rood (CTP). It was an honor to present with you guys!

About Jason Samuel

Jason Samuel is a Solutions Architect and Security Practice Lead working at Alchemy Tech Group in Houston, TX with a primary focus on mobility, virtualization, and cloud technologies from Citrix, Microsoft, & VMware. He also has an extensive background in web architecture and information security. He is certified in several technologies and is 1 of 50 people globally that is a recipient of the prestigious Citrix Technology Professional (CTP) award. He is 1 of 35 people in the world that is a VMware EUC Champion. He is 1 of 28 people in the world that is an Atlantis Community Expert (ACE). He is a featured author on DABCC which provides the latest IT Community News on Cloud, Data Center, Desktop, Mobility, Security, Storage, & Virtualization. In his spare time Jason enjoys writing how-to articles and evangelizing the technologies he works with.

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