How to tell which COM+ Application belongs to what dllhost.exe in IIS


Not to mention the .NET runtime, dllhost.exe also hosts COM+ processes.  So how can you tell what each dllhost.exe is running?  Download tlist.exe (part of the Debugging Tools for Windows).  You can read more about the util here:  http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc267860.aspx

It’s just a simple task list viewer that displays info about the process.  There are tons of utils out there than can do the same thing but tlist.exe is a mere 50 KB command line util which is why I like to keep it around for quickly gathering info. 

The command I use to check the dllhost.exe is:

tlist -k | find /i "dllhost.exe"

and it outputs the processes, process IDs, and the related COM+ process.

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