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The Ultimate Desktop Virtualization Best Practices Guide has been released!


I’m ecstatic to announce that the The Ultimate Desktop Virtualization Best Practices Guide book has been released! This is a 143 page paperback book that myself and more than 30 other End User Computing (EUC) experts all over the world have worked with Atlantis Computing and Intel to put together.

VDI has been around for years now. There’s ways to deploy a successful VDI environment, and there are even more ways to outright fail at it. The reason for this book is to help spread the knowledge through the community on what to watch out for and do VDI right. There are 200+ best practices represented in the guide. It covers the following layers in the VDI stack:

  • Chapter 1: Server Hardware
  • Chapter 2: Hypervisor
  • Chapter 3: Connection Broker
  • Chapter 4: Guest OS
  • Chapter 5: Remoting Protocols
  • Chapter 6: Networking
  • Chapter 7: GPU
  • Chapter 8: Storage
  • Chapter 9: User Environment Management
  • Chapter 10: Image Management
  • Chapter 11: Supporting Infrastructure
  • Chapter 12: Applications
  • Chapter 13: Various: Application Virtualization, Layering, Anti-Virus, Thin Clients
  • Chapter 14: Business and Projects Lessons

You can pickup a paperback copy at Citrix Synergy today at the Atlantis Booth in #805B or you can download a PDF copy here:



About Jason Samuel

Jason Samuel is an Infrastructure Architect in Houston, TX with a primary focus on mobility, virtualization, and cloud technologies from Citrix, Microsoft, & VMware. He also has an extensive background in web architecture and information security. He is certified in several technologies and is 1 of 50 people globally that is a recipient of the prestigious Citrix Technology Professional (CTP) award. He is 1 of 28 people in the world that is an Atlantis Community Expert (ACE). He is a featured author on DABCC which provides the latest IT Community News on Cloud, Data Center, Desktop, Mobility, Security, Storage, & Virtualization. In his spare time Jason enjoys writing how-to articles and evangelizing the technologies he works with.

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