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Citrix console failed to remove the server from the farm with error code 80000007


Had to clean up a Presentation Server 4.0 farm today. Yes you heard that right, PS 4.0. Yuck. Lots of servers that were decommed but never removed from the farm. I needed to eliminate the junk and see what was really going on with this farm and get the apps migrated to XenApp 7.6. So basically I had a bunch of dead servers that needed to be removed from the farm by force before I could proceed with my analysis of the good apps that were left. If you go through the console and try and remove the each server one by one, you would get this message:

The Presentation Server Console failed to remove the server. Error Code: 80000007


Do the following via command line:


you will see it’s a member of the farm.

So let’s hit the data store and kill it. Do a:

dscheck /full servers /clean

servers will remain most likely since you verified with the qfarm it’s not really an inconsistent record and technically valid. The only option is to forcefully delete it:

dscheck /full servers /deletemf SERVERNAME

Keep in mind the SERVERNAME is case sensitive so when you do a qfarm and the server name is all capital letters, you must type it in as all capital letters. Now do the clean command again:

dscheck /full servers /clean

Now when you reopen the console and do a discovery, the server will be gone for good.

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